[小雨]a weird dream

yesterday, i had a weird dream
someone told me seriously that "you CAN'T and you SHOULDN'T fall in love with him !"
it's a strange feeling
i have had a crush on you for some time
all my close friends know who you are
and they all know it's a top secret

i never wrote about you on my blog
(even i did, only few people know...)
because i was timid as a rabbit
i always admire smart people like you
and i try to conceal my emotions you probably have already felt
but lately, i heared so many rumors about you
those things frighten me and make me worry about "the relationship"

i really hope you are my Mr. Right
but i don't know now...

6 則留言:

兔 提到...

as me what?

Be honest!!!


dianehuang 提到...

yes babe....rabbit is timid....but listen ur heart.....

兔 提到...

we are the COUPLE! thanks!!

Diane~~I LOVE YOU~

dianehuang 提到...

I love u tu~~

lindsay 提到...

there is only one pair of "RABBIT & DIANE"...

lindsay 提到...


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